Dave Fazio, Principal


Dave Fazio graduated from Auburn University in 1978. He began his apprenticeship at KPS Architecture Group in Birmingham before moving to Rome Italy in 1980 to continue his studies. After a brief stint at the University of Rome he chose to work as a designer for Orsi and Koerner, a multi-disciplinary international firm specializing in Urban Planning projects around the world. Dave was project manager for the design of a town near Misurata, Libya. He then worked as a designer/illustrator in the studio of Paulo Portoghesi. There he collaborated on many designs, including museums, religious buildings, master planning schemes and housing projects for Mr. Portoghesi.

Returning to the United States in 1982 he pursued his Master Degree at the University of Texas at Austin specializing in the perceptual characteristics of design. After graduate school he was project manager/designer on a number of large scale institutional projects. Dave has received a number of design awards throughout his career and is considered an artist as much as an architect.

Fazio Architects has been in business for 25 years, providing planning and design services for clients around the world. Today Dave is the principal in charge of design. He has provided leadership on a multitude building types including municipal facilities, educational buildings, medical office buildings, and complex renovation projects.

Dave’s realistic attitude towards project management has made his projects well known in the community and a success for his clients. He is committed to the implementation of sustainable design principals.

Keith Gregg

Keith Gregg began his career in Southern California in 1986 after graduating from Texas A&M that same year.  With Texas in recession at the time, he decided to start his career in California with Charles Kober Architects, the next six years were spent working in production on large retail projects learning to put buildings together. In 1991 he was with Coleman Caskey Architects where he first began to focus more specifically on construction administration, for the next four years he handled the CA for medical and institutional projects throughout California. Seeing buildings put together in the field was a critical experience that shaped how he would manage projects thru his career.  Returning to Texas in 1995, Keith continued to specialize in construction administration, now with the Austin based firm of Croslin & Associates.  This work included a number of large-scale institutional projects for the University of Texas System, and five more years of in-the-field experiences.

 Keith has been with Fazio Architects since 1999, for 20 years now he has guided the office thru all phases of work for hundreds of projects throughout the country. Licensed originally in California 25 years ago and now licensed in Texas, Keith brings a broad range of experiences over many years for numerous project types, building materials, systems, methods and budgeting.  Keith Gregg’s experience continues to positively impact Fazio projects, from their initial site development thru design and CD’s and into construction. 



Greg Hayslett


Greg Hayslett graduated with his Master of Architecture from Tulane University. As a man of many interests and possibly a short attention span, he has a myriad of experiences ranging from bartender to youth minister to street performer to cook. He has explored Architecture and Construction at many scales; from the small scale, working for himself as a furniture designer and fabricator, to the larger scale, on a crew building houses with Habitat for Humanity and a student designed house in post-Katrina New Orleans.

In his early career, working for a firm in Dallas, he learned to draw, both in and out of the Architectural field, in order to design innovative and intuitive solutions in a variety of programs, including commercial, residential, religious, institutional and industrial. While there, he advanced to the position of project manager and never stopped pining for his return to Austin.

Greg joined Fazio Architects in 2013 as a project manager, working on residential and commercial projects. In his free time, he travels whenever possible, spends all the time he can with his wife, daughter and friends, learns new hobbies, and does the dishes if he absolutely has to.

Saskia Fazio-McPhail


An Austin native, Saskia Fazio-McPhail attended the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

After graduation, she had the distinct privilege of working with a reputable and award-winning design firm where she eventually opened and ran their San Antonio studio. Her time with this firm was invaluable and gave her the opportunity to lead many large scale, high-end hospitality projects across the country, and build her reputation for designing spaces with a sophisticated fresh edge.

Through her design-build experience, study abroad and world travels, Saskia has fostered a deep respect and understanding for art, architecture and the importance of precision and detail. She has a keen passion for architectural form and believes that interior design should not only bring a client’s vision to life, but should embrace the characteristics of its users and the local vernacular.


Ashley Griffith_2.jpg


Ashley Griffith graduated with her Master of Architecture from University of Cincinnati. She began her career at K4 Architecture & Design, working as a designer on financial institutions and small-scale commercial projects and learning the building process from concept through construction.

Her passion for design stems from her love of traveling and cultures. Her favorite thing about architecture is that it is always changing; always developing alongside people, technology, and the environment.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys studying Latin dances, experimenting in the kitchen, and taking her dog on walks.

Sandi Fazio


Sandi Fazio spent her youth living in Spain and Hawaii as a military dependent. She graduated from Northwest Florida State College and has spent the majority of her career as a Financial Coordinator for a number of prestigious architecture firms around the country. She brings to Fazio Architects a sense of financial detail and acumen that allows the architects to focus on the Architecture.